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Factory collection, Zuffenhausen

Factory collection, Zuffenhausen

Shop, discover and dine. And all you wanted to do was pick up your Porsche.

Over 60 years of awe-inspiring and moving stories – ample reason to collect your car from our factory in Zuffenhausen. If you want to collect your new Porsche directly from our headquarters, you can expect not only a day that is full of anticipation, but also a whole day’s journey of discovery through the fascinating world of Porsche. Find out how your day at Zuffenhausen might look in detail on the following pages.

Guided tour of the factory.

You will seldom get closer to the professionals who build a Porsche. The guided tour through the production area will give you a completely new view of our cars. From engine construction, through the upholstery shop to final assembly – culminating, of course, in the most emotional moment, the so-called marriage: the uniting of drivetrain and chassis with the body. Our guided tours of the works are steeped in tradition. They are led by Porsche enthusiasts whose passion and knowledge about the Porsche brand has grown over many years.

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